The Society of Celtic Shamans was founded in 1997 by Tira Brandon-Evans as directed by her Ancestor Guide Grandfather Merlin. This is not the Merlin of King Arthur's Court, but rather the ancient titular spirit of Britain, which in some ancient texts is called Clas Myrddyn or the Garden of Merlin.

Tira was 'taken' by the Shining Folk at age five during a bout of measles-encephalitis. Ever after she was able to journey into the Otherworld -- the place she called the Shining Country as a child.

As she grew older she realized she was a shaman but there was no one to help her or teach her to develop her gifts. She dedicated herself to many Eastern paths over the years but found that even though these paths were deeply spiritual and enlightening they did not fill an empty place inside her.

That place seemed to be filled only by reading the tales of King Arthur and fairytales. Irish and Scots music and art also filled that empty place but was always longing, longing for something more.

When she reached the age of 55 she finally discovered her 'tribe' was found among the Celtic speaking tribes and that her ancestral paths wended their ways through Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Britain and Belgium.

Soon after realizing this she encountered her Ancestor Guide and began a series of journeys of initiation into the Otherworld where she was shown how she had been chosen to help others who are seeking their own Celtic paths.

Tira knew that through the connectivity of the Internet other Celtic Shamans could come together and discover the ancient ways of the Gael and the Gaul. Ways which had been lost but are now emerging as we seek meaning in our arid modern lives.

This website and all on it are the end result of over twenty years of helping others find their way into the Shining Realms.

"Look, how the sun is dawning for us, ever dawning; in the earth, in our hearts, with ever youthful and triumphant voices. Your sun is but a smoky shadow, ours the ruddy and eternal glow; yours is far way, ours is heart and hearth and home; yours is a light without, ours a fire within, in rock, in river, in plain, everywhere living, everywhere dawning, whence also it cometh that the mountains emit their wondrous rays."

As he spoke he seemed to breathe the brilliance of that mystical sunlight and to dilate and tower, so that the child looked up to a giant pillar of light, having in his heart a sun of ruddy gold which shed its blinding rays about him, and over his head there was a waving of fiery plumage and on his face an ecstasy of beauty and immortal youth.

"I am Angus," Con heard; "men call me the Young. I am the sunlight in the heart, the moonlight in the mind; I am the light at the end of every dream, the voice for ever calling to come away; I am the desire beyond you or tears. Come with me, come with me, I will make you immortal; for my palace opens into the Gardens of the Sun, and there are the fire-fountains which quench the heart's desire in rapture." And in the child's dream he was in a palace high as the stars, with dazzling pillars jeweled like the dawn, and all fashioned out of living and trembling opal. And upon their thrones sat the Danann gods with their sceptres and diadems of rainbow light, and upon their faces infinite wisdom and imperishable youth. In the turmoil and growing chaos of his dream he heard a voice crying out, "You remember, Con, Con, Conaire Mor, you remember!" and in an instant he was torn from himself and had grown vaster, and was with the Immortals, seated upon their thrones, they looking upon him as a brother, and he was flying away with them into the heart of the gold when he awoke, the spirit of childhood dazzled with the vision which is too lofty for princes.

(From: A DREAM OF ANGUS OGE, by Æ [George William Russell])

Adventure with us as we tread the paths of Avalon and sail to Tir na N'og.


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